Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Life and Tines of Sparkle D Dog

Hello, My name is sparky, my dad calls me Sparkle D Dog, I am a Miniature Rat Terrier, with a loving family. I have issues just like any other dog, I would imagine, but Mom and Dad Think its the end of the WORLD if I do something wrong. Today there is snow on the ground and it is still snowing, I went pee on the porch. No way am I going out in that stuff! What I don't get, is how come the daffodils are blooming and and its snowing? its like mother earth and father time don't have their watches synchronized, common people get it together! Johny is racing to get his gloves on and play in the snow already. Mom is watching T.V. oblivious to whats going on, she thinks they are still having school so shes watching the closure's. I think the kids and I have decided NO SCHOOL! I am OK with it all.. I love my Johny Boy, I love to sit by him and keep warm, but he better not expect me to get out in that snow! Dad already went to work, he is my best buddy , I love him so much, we hang out every evening on the couch, its like dad comes home and were there. Mom gets upset about it on occasion because she thinks dad should be doing things on the weekend besides lying on the couch all day, I don't know what she expects us to do, with it being snowy and all. well I have rambled on..Ill talk to ya later, Nap Time!

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