Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sparkle D Dog ~ Choco lat Aye?

My tummy is so grumbly! Mom and dad were gone and I saw a box of chocolates, I could smell them and they smelled so delicious, it was like hey were calling "EAT ME" they were up on the coffee table, so I decided to go for it, I knocked the box down on the floor and luckily they fell open little and with just a nudge here and nudge there I was tasting a little piece of heaven. Something didn't feel right when I swallowed it, I had a lump in my throat. I went ahead and tried another one thinking it might be my conscience getting in the way. Soon after that I started feeling sick and I threw up on the carpet. I decided to sleep the effects off. Mom came home and woke me up yelling at me "saying "OMG" sparky what did you do? When dad got home he scolded me too. Usually when mom yells at me its no big deal, I just look the other way and pretend shes yelling at Johny, but when dad yells at me, I think I must have really blew it with this chocolate business. Dad Had to clean my mess up because mom said she would Ralph too if she did it. Mom said something to dad about going to the VET!! I hate going to the VET! Chocolate is heaven and hell, in a box. so much for Valentines Day!

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